A Year in Review

Shame on me…its been close to a year since I wrote a Blog and updated everyone about the Cantina Team. Needless to say, we have been a bit busy. This past year, we managed to open a NEW Business, learned of a bun in the oven and still find ourselves somewhat sane.

Where does one begin? 2019 started off like most of the other years. A few ideas on resolutions, some changes for the Cantina and work to get the calendar going for a busy food truck season ahead. One thing was added this particular year….the opening of 240 Adams LLC. Chef Noah had worked for a year to rebuild our commercial property in Butchertown and create a space for fellow food truckers to cook and collaborate. We opened the space in January with three tenants, including the Cantina. Nerves were in full force. Would people find value in this space? Are our prices competitive? Would this vision work? Just like any other new business, things take time. Soon, time passed and we found ourselves with our hands full. We are happy to say that we now have 8 tenants utilizing the kitchen space, with 5 food trucks on site and one more moving in, come March! We are currently working to provide more food truck parking, storage and structure to the facility, with changes coming in daily. Our group of trucking entrepreneurs have been wonderful! Working side by side with everyone has been a true blessing and we believe things will become even more streamlined this year!

The 2019 Food Truck Season seemed to be the smoothest of them all. I don’t want to go jinxing myself, but Chef Noah and I seemed to have found a rhythm. I have learned to stay out of his way, focus on the truck being stocked and ready for next shift, and schedule staff to come on, in a timely manner. This has only taken 5 years, but hey, great things take time right? I managed to not make Chef loose his mind and overbook him with events….really focusing on not trying to be everywhere and doing what is best for the business. The 2020 calendar is already off to a great start. We are looking forward to returning to some of our favorite local events, adding some weekend festivals, and seeing the friendly faces of our regular downtown guests! This next month, we plan to work on some online ordering features, new menu items and focusing on going green in 2020. We will keep you posted!

Another exciting addition of 2019 was learning that Noah and I are expecting! This was quite the surprise and while we knew it would happen one day, we didn’t expect it to be this particular year! We are due with Baby Yates, any day now. We are so excited to add to our family and cannot wait to meet him/her. I am feeling well but ready for this baby. We are nervous about the addition but know, just as any other new parents, that we will figure it all out. We will let you know when this little one arrives!

Overall, 2019 was a great year! We love to continue to see our weekly regulars and continue to serve up our tacos and quesadillas throughout the streets of Louisville. Because of those in this city, we are able to do what we truly love. Thank you Louisville…we cannot wait to see you in 2020!



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