Cantina “I Do’s”

It has been quite the year for owners of the Smok’N Cantina, Heather and Noah. First they started the food truck, then they got engaged and now they are married. What will come next? Well, there are no babies in the works, but there is a lot of food trucking ahead.

Just last week, Noah and Heather said “I Do” and began their life as a married couple. Now, usually the week after the wedding, newlyweds can be found on a beach, sipping Pina Coladas and indulging in the finest foods. Well, these newlyweds are back in the CBUS and hitting the streets hard. Who needs a vacation, when you have a kitchen on wheels, eager to feed the hungry folks of Columbus.

After a short break, we are back and better than ever. The next few weeks you can find us at the Convention Center, in the Arena District as well as the Brewery District. We will be everywhere and we are looking to make some folks happy with our “NachOrdinary” Tacos! Come check us out soon.

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