The Next Chapter for the Cantina & Owners Noah & Heather

As I sit here and reflect on the past two years of the Food Truck business and our Smok’N Cantina, I cannot help but smile and laugh a bit. What a ride it has been. From day one, when the generator failed to when I lit the flat top pilot light while it was on and almost blew my head off. Yes we have both been in the restaurant industry for many years, but taking on this food truck has been a learning experience for both of us.

This incredible experience would never have happened without our family, friends and the people of Columbus, Ohio. From the Columbus Ohio Food Truck Association, Food Fort Columbus, Shamrock Club of Columbus, and the Kaplan Artist Group, the endless support and opportunities provided, to not only ourselves, but to other Food Truck owners, has never been short of amazing. It is because of the support and encouragement we received from all of you here in Columbus, that we feel confident and capable to take the ride South to Louisville, Ky, at the end of the month, to share our food with a new town.

This is a transition that has already proven difficult (moving a 1996 Chevy Kitchen on wheels down I-71S could never be too simple☺) but we know that the difficulties of change will soon pay off. You see, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by family and friends in both Ohio and Kentucky, allowing us constant support for our crazy endeavors.

The Smok’N Cantina will be led by Chef Noah full time this year and is looking to hit the streets of Louisville Metro mid April; make sure to check us out at the Derby Festival Volleyball Classic. I myself will be sitting back and doing most of the management of the truck, in hopes that I can get one of my younger sisters to work the window daily….shhh they know nothing about this yet! We will look to begin working lunches throughout the week and focus more on caterings/local breweries on the weekends. We are sad to leave the streets of CBUS but are excited for the new adventures ahead!

I will end this blog by saying, Thank You Columbus! Because of you, Chef Noah and I found eachother, we bet on the future and decided to take a chance, and we are excited about what lies ahead. Life is good and we have you and everyone in your city to thank. Cheers-Until we see you again!


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