Life in the Bluegrass State

Well, life sure has changed a bit in the last month and a half of being in Kentucky. After two weeks of being here, we were licensed and inspected and ready to hit the streets. We worked so hard to get everything moving, that when we were ready, we honestly had no idea where to go! At first we began picking up some catering gigs here and there, and then some events started rolling in.

We have noticed that there is a lot of potential for us in this city and state. Everyone has been more than welcoming, and the Southern Hospitality has really been alive. It has given us a sense of comfort, as when we got here, we both had the, “Oh Shit” look, wondering if we had made the right decision in moving our business and life to the KY. We know that change always comes with difficulties, and those have been prevalent in the past month, but so far Cantina life is going alright. We are right were we are suppose to be. We have made it through 2.5 years of business and 1 year of marriage, and we could not imagine life any other way. Thank you to the Kentucky Folks for welcoming us with open arms and for trying our food. Be patient as we start this business over again and figure out how the Food Trucks of the Ville do things. We look forward to the summer ahead. Cheers to Tacos, Life and Tequila!

Pictured: Chef Noah and Ashley Ross

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