Hope for a Wonderful 2017!

Just like all the other ones, this blog is a bit late! My theory: blogs are never on time and I am pretty terrible at writing them.

2016 was one hell of a year! It flew by, creating so many memories for Chef Noah and me. We uprooted our lives and moved to my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. We left our job security, some wonderful family and friends and decided to take a chance on our business, vision and future. It was a scary transition, but one that we knew we could make together.

After settling into our small one bedroom apartment, finding a wonderful space for the food truck and getting all licensing and health department approval, we were finally ready to hit the streets. Just as I posted in earlier blogs, we had everything we needed, yet had no idea where to serve food. We quickly learned of some hot spots in the downtown area, met some wonderful fellow food truck owners, and got to know some Cantina regulars. We were getting the hang of food trucking in the Ville and things were falling into place.

Overtime, Louisville became home for us! The food truck season was wild and I believe we were very well received. We intend to be twice as busy in 2017, and see bright things for the future of the Smok’N Cantina and other business ventures.

Outside of the Food Trucking in 2016, Noah and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary, with a trip to visit our dear friends in Charlotte, NC. We drank wine, hiked, went white water rafting, and simply enjoyed each others company. A few short months later, we had the opportunity to take a family vacation to the Bahamas. We had never seen water so blue and a can of black beans so expensive. It was a week of pure relaxation and something that Noah and I really needed! The holidays came, they wore us out, and we are just now starting to recover; hence this late ass blog.

2016 was a year that will be tough to top, but we know 2017 is going to be amazing. We are traveling to see friends be married, visiting exotic places and working our butts off to make sure every reachable person gets to taste the goodness of the Cantina. New opportunities are coming together as well, and when they are finalized, you will be the first to know! Chef Noah is cooking up great new menu specials, bringing back the poppers and maybe even surprising us with some dessert items. Things are going to be wonderful, I simply can’t wait….

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