Give Thanks 2016

November 22, 2016

Tis the Season to be Thankful! As I reflect on this year and think about what I am most thankful for, the person and thing that always comes to mind first, is Noah Yates. Not only do I have the privilege of being his wife, but I also have the opportunity to be his business partner. Now, running a business with your husband is everything but peaches and cream, but it is a journey that not a lot of couples experience and get the chance to go on together. Noah is the root of the Smok’N Cantina and without him and his culinary expertise, this whole food truck thing would never work. The flavors and passion that he brings to every bite, in every menu item, is something that is to be proud of and recognized.

Now, yes I am his wife, and yes I might be a bit bias, but I think our regular weekly customers, would agree! Noah knows his stuff! Next time you see the Cantina, step up to the truck, say hello to both myself and Noah, and try the food. Let me know what you think, as we would love to hear your feedback.

Noah Yates, thank you for being a loving husband, putting up with my crazy antics and working hard to build this business, our life, and our future successes. Cheers to you and Cheers to our future!

Heather Yates

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